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TestLoft™ offers functionality and usability testing for the web and for mobile apps. We take a meticulous approach to testing, while staying responsive to the needs of specific software projects and development approaches.
A common mistake that people make when trying to design something completely foolproof is to underestimate the ingenuity of complete fools.
Douglas Adams

Testing as Agile as Your Development Process

As technology moves away from the traditional version release model, software testing needs to be flexible yet comprehensive. Our familiarity with a variety of testing techniques, as well as various software development approaches, enables us to provide high-end software testing on your timeline, whether it's a one-time release or a continuous development process.

Mobile, Cloud & Web Apps

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Rigorous checks for cross-platform and cross-browser compatibility ensure rock-solid performance.

TestLoft™ tests multiple mobile operating systems and environments, including iPhone®, iPad®, Android® devices, and Windows® Phone.

For web apps, we make sure you look great in Firefox®, Chrome®, Safari®, and Internet Explorer®.

UI/UX Testing

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From simple sanity checks and algorithm testing, to meticulous checks on edge cases and unexpected behavior, making sure everything does what it's supposed to do, in every situation.

We also proofread your content, and offer thoughtful process improvement suggestions to make the most of your software. Finally, our UI/UX testing ensures everything looks and feels as great as it performs, so your users have a logical and attractive experience.

Plan, Execute, Document

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According to your needs, we will design and execute a thorough test plan, whether it's testing against your software spec or creating a test plan from scratch. We also produce detailed test documentation according to your needs (e.g. CFR11 compliance).

Agile Testing

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A testing approach responsive to the agile software development approach, using the same tools and techniques as your developers. We can test specific units or features on your timeline, as needed.

Continuous Improvement

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Software testing that keeps up with changing development cycles. We can test in sync with Sprint planning, and provide a thorough check of new features, plus making sure everything else still functions correctly.
With an agile approach, you need your QA team to be not just a resource, but a full partner in the development process. TestLoft is that partner: detail-oriented, professional and reliable. Highly recommended!
Kevin Grinberg (Partner | ActiveFrequency)
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It's important to make sure your software is rock-solid, for an exceptional end-user experience, as well as providing a stable foundation for further development.

We understand the impact your products have, and provide comprehensive testing services to ensure that everything works as it should.
TestLoft™ is well-versed in most reporting tools and ticketing systems, including Unfuddle™, Assembla Spaces™, Pivotal Tracker™, Beanstalk™, trac™, JIRA™, Lighthouse™, Zendesk™, and Sifter™, among others. Our bug reporting and documentation fits seamlessly into your existing infrastructure, for the most efficient results.
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Pre-Release Testing
Ready to release your application? Get our exceptionally thorough testing of your entire product on staging right before you launch. Contact us to discuss the scope of your testing needs.
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Continuous Releases
Our subscription pricing delivers quality software testing in sync with a continuous development process. Purchase a certain number of hours a week, and your latest update will always be tested in time for the next release.
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Contact TestLoft

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Please fill out the form below to contact us. We will get back to you shortly to discuss your software testing needs.

Who we are
A small team of eagle-eyed professionals with a passion for precision. Based in Cambridge, MA, and able to work remotely in any time zone.
What we do
Rigorous functionality and usability testing for a wide range of software applications. Our exceptionally thorough approach is customized to fit the scope of your software testing needs.

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